The C.E.O.'s

Christen Augustine and Sydney Thompson, created the brand in 2020. Raised in Houston Texas, a lifelong friendship was established in 2008 that has now led to becoming business partners. The two are both engineering graduates from Prairie View A&M University from the class of Spring 2020. Growing up, they both were heavily involved in various sports. Christen even went on to play Volleyball at the D1 level and had a very fulfilling and successful career at PVAMU. Fitness has always been a passion for the two so they decided to express the movement of living a healthy lifestyle through fitness apparel. These women are inspired and motivated by their vision to reform the fitness clothing industry. Gemloyalty is looking forward to establishing strong relationships with in the Gem community. The support is greatly appreciated!


  • Sharon Bean

    Congratulations Chrissy & Sydney!!!!!!

  • Marilyn Littlejohn

    Proud of you guys

  • Lynn Jackson-Fletcher

    Hi Chrissy,
    I’m so very proud of you and your accomplishments.
    I encourage you & Sydney to continue your journey, with the help of The Lord our Savior, you two will be successful!
    Be Blessed, Aunt Faye love you😘

  • Sandra Washington

    Watching you transform from a young girl in middle school into an CFO is simply amazing. Congratulations and blessings on this endeavor. 😘

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